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UFRII/­UFRII LT Printer (ver. 2.­00) ZIP libéré 2010.01.26.

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Marque Canon
imageRUNNER C1021i
Exploitation Systèmes Linux
Version 2.­00
Fichier taille 28.09 Mb
Fichier type ZIP
Libéré 2010.01.26
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UFRII/­UFRII LT Printer Driver for Canon imageRUNNER C1021i This printer driver provides printing functions for UFRII-enabled Canon printers operating under the CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System) environment,­ a printing system that operates on Linux operating systems.­ To use this software,­ please read the online manual before installing the driver.­ Operation check has been made on: [32-bit] Turbolinux 10desktop Turbolinux 10 F.­.­.­ Turbolinux 10 S Turbolinux Version 11 FUJI Turbolinux Home MIRACLE LINUX V3.­0 (Asianux Inside) MIRACLE LINUX V4.­0 (Asianux Inside) Red Hat9 Red Hat Professional Workstation Red Hat Enterprise Linux v.­4 Red Hat Enterprise Linux v.­5 Mandriva Linux One 2008 Mandriva Linux One 2008 Spring Mandriva Linux Powerpack 2008 Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring PowerPack Mandriva Linux One 2009 SUSE LINUX PROFESSIONL 9.­1 SUSE LINUX PROFESSIONL 9.­2 SUSE LINUX PROFESSIONL 9.­3 Novell Linux Desktop 9 SUSE Linux 10.­0 (openSUSE) SUSE Linux 10.­1 (openSUSE) SUSE Linux 10.­2 (openSUSE) SUSE Linux 10.­3 (openSUSE) SUSE Linux 11.­0 (openSUSE) SUSE Linux 11.­1 (openSUSE) Fedora Core 4 Fedora Core 5 Fedora Core 6 Fedora 7 Fedora 8 Fedora 9 Fedora 10 Fedora 11 Ubuntu 7.­04 Desktop Ubuntu 7.­10 Desktop Ubuntu 8.­04 Desktop Debian GNU/­Linux 3.­1 rev2 Debian GNU/­Linux 4.­0 Debian GNU/­ Linux 4.­0r6 etchnhalf Debian GNU/­ Linux 5.­02 Vine Linux 4.­1 Vine Linux 4.­2 Ubuntu 8.­10 Desktop Ubuntu 9.­04 Desktop Cent OS 5.­3 [64-bit] Trubolinux 10 Server x64 Edition MIRACLE LINUX V3.­0 (Asianux Inside) x64 Edition MIRACLE LINUX V4.­0 (Asianux Inside) x64 Edition Red hat Enterprise Linux V.­4 x64 Edition Red Hat Enterprise Linux v.­5 x64 Edition Mandriva Linux Powerpack 2008 Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring PowerPack x64 Edition SUSE Linux 10.­0 (openSUSE) x64 Edition SUSE Linux 10.­1 (openSUSE) x64 Edition SUSE Linux 10.­2 (openSUSE) SUSE Linux 10.­3 (openSUSE) SUSE Linux 11.­0 (openSUSE) x64 Edition SUSE Linux 11.­1 (openSUSE) x64 Edition Fedora Core 4 x64 Edition Fedora Core 5 x64 Edition Fedora Core 6 x64 Edition Fedora 7 x64 Edition Fedora 8 x64 Edition Fedora 9 x64 Edition Fedora 10 x64 Edition Fedora 11 x64 Edition Cent OS 5.­3 x64 Edition This Software and Related Information are independently developed by Canon and distributed by Canon local company.­ Canon as manufacturer of printers supporting the Software and Related Information ('Canon Printers'),­ and Canon local company as selling agency of Canon Printers,­ do not receive any user support call and /­or request or any requests for information about the Software and Related Information.­ Any demand for information about Canon Printers including information about the repair and supplies for Canon Printers should be directed to Canon local company.­

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